Gills365 League Review: Division One - Week 1

Last updated : 05 January 2007 By Guffie

Well here we are after the winter break and some of you will be sorry you had to stop. Both the Evens league champion and the Odds league champion got off to terrible starts (breaks your heart, doesn't it?). Fred had a really bad game as he lost 1-4 at home to Elliott, who seems to be keeping his good form going. That's certainly a scalp worth taking but no doubt the excuses from Fred will be thick and fast.

Wiltsy also took a hammering at home losing 2-5 to Baldangel and probably wishing he hadn't eaten so much in the Executive box on boxing day. These results really made my Christmas. All that left was for Santa to fulfil my third wish and make my Christmas complete. I have now rekindled my belief in Santa as Jagman thumped Ted 5-2. What a great Christmas present those three results were. Thank you Santa!

Some of you may be thinking that I should have wished for a good result in my home game against Gillsalltheway but I knew that I wouldn't need any luck here as I cruised past him 3-1. Okay so he had the void game (Millwall's match at Northampton was abandoned) as his banker. Is that my fault?

KFG also got off to an impressive start by beating GTAT 4-6 away from home and showing he's not here just to make up the numbers. Martb carried on where he left off with a 3-2 home win over Markg.

Townender faced Headley at home for the second time this season and Headley would really have liked some revenge for his 6-1 thrashing in the first game. Well either Headley is getting better or Townender didn't take him seriously. No, of course Headley didn't win but he managed to half his defeat and only lose 3-1. Well done mate. In a few more games against him you may even scrape a draw...

SkoobiBloo faced MedwayBlue for the second time this season but this time he was hoping to get his revenge with the added advantage of being at home. Alas it seems MB could play him on any ground and beat him as he came away with a 1-3 victory.

SymonGills must love travelling away to Trueblue because in the first half of the season he put three past him and now this week he put another three past him. The only difference is that in the first game it was a draw where as this time it was a 2-3 victory.

The only non-post this week came from Jonhinio but Zoidy still only managed to scrape a very close 0-1 victory. The only other time that Jonhinio didnt post was in his game against Wiltsy, who as we know went on to win the Evens league. Is this a good sign for Zoidy? Nah, I don't think so either.

So as the preliminaries are now out the way and the real season starts some players are showing their true skill and others appear to be showing how lucky they were to get here. I know it's only the first game but just remember how tight both leagues got towards the end. Have fun!