Gills365 League Review: Division One - Week 2

Last updated : 11 January 2007 By Grumpy

It's early days yet, but Jagman paves the way in Div 1 with a 6-5 away to medwayblue. Medwayblue currently lies a respectable 8th. Elliottthegillsfan(does he need all the T's) thumps zoidy 4-0, but would zoidy have done any better had he posted his predictions? :-) . KFG hangs onto third after a hard fought 5-5 draw against Townender, who is sixth.

The most pleasing effort of the weekend has to be the 319 mile round trip by wiltsgill who inflicted a 7-6 defeat to Fred_the_Needle in Fred's back yard. Scouces suggest that the home supporters were outnumbered 2-1 by the visiting fans. GATW overcame Johninio mainly because Jon asked me to post his predictions :-) . Our antipotean friend, Ted Howes kept Guffie quiet, fortunately, with a strong performance that earned a draw against our friend in Scotland. Perhaps Guffie is in a false league position at fifth.

Comiserations go to symongills and markg183 who both lost 5-6 at home to Skoobs and TBJ respectively. A disconsolate Mark was last seen asking directions to jfc for next seasion ;-) . TBJ hangs onto mid table respectability, just, along with symon and Skoobs, boring stuff really. Baldy managed to scrape a 5-5 home draw against a lowly GTAT. Headley beat Martb_90 7-4, top move into mid table.