Gills365 League Review: Division One - Week 3

Last updated : 18 January 2007 By Guffie

Hi gang, yes I'm back again after my not being able to do the reviews last week due to personel matters and you really must have missed me because this week we had a 100% turnout, although some of you are probably wishing you hadn't bothered (eh Zoidy?).

I have to start this week with a look at the game between Jagman and Symon. Happiness was in the air as this carefree game between two brothers kicked off. Both players wishing each other well and saying it didn't matter who won, its only a game. YEAH RIGHT! There were arms, legs and heads flying everywhere and brotherly love went right out of the window. But it was the tactical know-how of Jagman and the clever use of his banker that won the day, eventually winning 5-4. Never mind Symon. I hope you didn't make fun of the wife when she lost to Jagman earlier in the season because if you did you aren't going to have a very good week are you?

Well done to MartB who got the best score this week and really made up for being thrashed 7-4 by Headley last week by thrashing KFG 7-3. I bet Mart can't wait for their next meeting because in the first half of the season Mart beat him 6-3. Now thats what you call a 'bogey team'.

I decided to try and up my game this week against MedwayBlue but he had an answer for everything I threw at him. With the exception of MartB, we would have both beaten anyone else in the league today but we had to settle for a point each finishing 6-6. So sad after all that effort.

Speaking of effort, there was plenty of that as Elliott (Mr. T) travelled to Wiltsy to avenge him for the 4-1 thrashing he took there earlier in the season. This he did by slotting home 5 goals before taking his foot off the gas and allowing Wiltsy a few consolation goals so as not to totally humiliate him. The game finished with a comfortable 4-5 victory for Mr. T.

Whilst we are on the subject of comfortable victories Zoidy played host to Gillsalltheway this week but I think he had the Gills back four on loan as GATW was able to stroll through his defence and bang in four and only concede one. (and I think that was an own goal). Zoidy has now only scored two in this league whilst conceding eight. How long before the fans start calling for the manager's head?

Jonhinio got his first points on the board today, and it couldn't have come at a better time, beating Aussie Ted 3-2 in a close game. But I do believe Ted may have been worn out after his superhuman efforts of last week. Ted is now only one of three players not to have won a game in this league.

The other two were playing each other as GTAT took on Fredtheneedle. There was absolutely nothing to seperate the two high fliers of the first half of the season, they were both as bad as each other. It finished in a 4-4 draw which belied how dull the game really was. Even Freds 21yr old fan got fed up and went away at half time to catch the second half of the game between TrueBlue and Headley which proved far more exciting. In the reverse fixture in the first half of the season Headley won 6-4 but the home fans proved to be the twelth man for TrueBlue this week as he scored a late winner to make it 5-4.

Townender overcame some stubborn resistance from Baldangel to secure a hard fought 4-3 victory and move him into third spot. Whilst MarkG got his first win in this league away to SkoobiBloo. Winning 3-5.

Well done for the effort this week. Great turnout. Only three games in and things working out as expected with Fred and Ted Howes the strongest two teams in the division. Well they are holding everyone else up. Now lets see if we cant get Wiltsy to join them.