Gills365 League Review: Division One - Week 4

Last updated : 22 January 2007 By Guffie

Well done folks, another 100% turnout, although you wouldn't think it by the amount of players that didn't score this week. The bottom three all won this week, much to my dismay, so every player in the league has at least won a game now. But the only player with a 100% record is Jagman after totally wiping the floor with Markg on his home soil 0-4. That's now six wins on the trot for Jagman and is looking the man to beat at the moment. He has also scored an impressive twenty goals in four games.

Medwayblue was at home to Jonhinio and was really wanting to make up for his 4-6 defeat the last time they met. He more than got his revenge by giving poor Jonhinio a 5-0 thrashing. He left Jon's defenders chasing shadows and wishing they were on the bus home.

Fred_the_Needle was in the same predicament as Medwayblue. He was at home to Townender who had beaten him 3-5 earlier in the season and Fred was now out to get even. This would have been a more difficult challenge for Fred who hadn't won any games in this division and Townender hadn't lost any and was sitting pretty (well, as pretty as he's going to get) in third place. Fred's fan(s?) finally got something to cheer about as his team ran riot and beat Townender 4-0 and left Townender's team totally shell shocked. There won't be any reason for Fred to use his (very big) book of excuses this week.

Gillsalltheway had a difficult away fixture with an on form Elliott this week and there was little to choose between them as they battled out a 2-2 draw. This draw still leaves Mr T in 2nd place and unbeaten now in nine games.

Tedhowes met Zoidy earlier in the season and Ted managed a win in a tense, high scoring, thriller. They met again this week and the game was just as tense. Ted found himself 2-1 up with ten minutes to play and so to come away with anything Zoidy would have to do something he hadn't been able to do in this half of the season and that was to score two goals in a game. Ted's defence just shut up shop and he managed to hold on and get his first three points in this league and drag himself off the bottom of the table. This spot is now filled by the hapless Zoidy. New stadium or not, the fans aren't happy.

I (Guffie) travelled away to Symongills this week who was still smarting over his defeat against his brother last week. It was a tight game which was all square until the final seconds, when Symon managed to sneak through my defence and score the winner. It ended 4-3 to Symon. Choosing the right words without cursing fails me at the moment.

Headley faced SkoobiBloo at home this week with both teams showing some inconsistant form and trying to get themselves going in this league. It proved to be a scrappy game with Skoobi coming away with a 2-3 victory after Headley had only managed to hit the back of the net once with his banker. More effort needed from Headley as he now sinks towards the bottom of the table. I now wait for Simon's expected response...'It's a marathon not a sprint' [well, it is, isn't it? Ed]. But well done to Skoobi who now moves up to 10th spot.

KFG faced Trueblue this week who obviously had his mind on other things as KFG gave him a 3-1 drubbing and moves himself up to 5th spot. TrueBlue's team were led out by his son for this game, well with that sort of performance maybe he would be better off getting a game.

Baldangel played host to MartB this week and must have been more than a little nervous after Martb's thrashing of KFG last week. Baldangel managed to hold on for a 3-3 draw and, under the circumstances, he must consider this a point gained rather than two points lost. This still leaves Mart in 4th place so I'm sure he won't feel too concerned at the moment.

Wilts played host to GTAT who hadn't won in this league yet, so Wilts must have been looking to make amends for his 4-5 defeat by GTAT earlier in the season. Unfortunately (?) it was not to be as GTAT managed to find some of his old form and stuffed Wilts' tired looking side 3-5. Wiltsy's poor showing in this game may have something to do with the fact he had been up all night helping the police with their enquiries into the appearance of ladies under garments that had been turning up all over Swindon. (Full report on social board).

That now leaves Jagman starting to pull away at the top with Mr T in hot pursuit and Zoidy still struggling to score more than one goal per game at the bottom.