Gills365 League Review: Division Two - Week 1

Last updated : 05 January 2007 By Guffie

Here we are, back again after the winter break. It seems that some of you enjoyed the festivities a little too much with two ‘no shows' and Spitfire forgetting to enter his user name.

Both JFC and Davefromkent started this half of the season the same way they started the beginning of the season with no entries being submitted. I do hope they haven't given up already. This lead to three easy points for both Grumpy, who beat JFC at home 3-0 (JFC must know you have to look after the ‘old ‘uns' in winter), and Elsie who knocked two past DFK on her home ground.

As mentioned, Spitty forgot his user name and handed Gills21st an easy 0-2 away victory. NWBluesFan quite sportingly told Spitty of his mistake by putting a message on the Social Board...well after the half hour time had elapsed for Spitty to amend his post. That's really putting the boot in NWB! Maybe he should have concentrated more on his own game and he would possibly have done better than scraping a 2-2 draw at home against Frediculous_Biggs. But maybe for NWB a draw is a good result.

Speaking of good results, Gaz86 managed to knock four past Akinbiyi whilst only conceding one. That's certainly a case of throwing down the gauntlet in this division. Trying hard not to be out-done was Deano who beat Welease Woderwick 3-1. Woders seems to be bringing his poor form with him into the new year.

Last Waltz managed to hold on to a 2-2 draw away to Kezz but at least he managed to submit his post correctly. In the first half of the season Last Waltz managed to mess up on his prediction entries NINE times! Had he even won half of those disallowed games he could have been pushing for a place in division one. Just a thought for this half of the season mate.

Wilfred and Fommt had a bit of a battle in their game but Wilf managed to use his home advantage and come away with a hard fought 4-3 victory.

Last year Birl managed a very narrow 0-1 away victory against Franky and this week played host in their return fixture where Franky managed to exact his revenge by winning 2-3. CMC42 was also looking for revenge against Jasper, who beat her 2-3 last year but unfortunately had to settle for a 3-3 draw in a repeat fixture at her ground. Maybe next time mate.

Now we've all got rid of the festive spirit it's time to get down to the job in hand and concentrate on the race for the Division Two title. Good luck. (Looks like some of you may need it!)