Gills365 League Review: Division Two - Week 3

Last updated : 18 January 2007 By Guffie

Before I start this weeks reviews i'd just like to thank Grumpy for doing them in my absence last week. Thanks mate.

First met second this week as Deano took on Grumpy at home in the reverse fixture from the first half of the season which Grumpy won 5-4. Well Grumps must have really upset Deano in his reviews because he really went to town on him and beat him 5-3. Deano is now the only one in this division with a 100% record.

JFC won his first ever game last week but was brought down to earth with a bang this week as Gaz beat him 5-3. This makes up for the humiliation of Gaz not scoring any goals in their last game when JFC didn't post.

Fommt had to pick himself up after the humiliation of losing to JFC but it would have helped knowing he was playing Frediculous Biggs, a player he had already beaten 4-2 at home earlier in the season. The final score was a nervy 3-2 victory for Fommt, who will be hoping he can now shake off the shackles of being the only person to lose to JFC. Well I don't think I will let you forget that in a hurry mate.

Wilf comfortably beat Jasper 4-2, while Birl and Gills21 battled out a 2-2 draw with neither of them able to find that killer touch and finish off the game but with so many players not turning up this week these sort of points can prove very useful at the end of the season.

Someone that did turn up was the ever-elusive Davefromkent and poor Cmc42 was so surprised her team just stood rooted to their positions and allowed Dave's team to run riot and score 5 with no response. (Don't worry, your Dad had his own problems this week. I cant see him saying much).

With NWBluesfan and Welease Woderwick not making it this week it left both Franky and Spitty with easy victories. Franky moving up to 2nd place behind Deano after his 0-4 drubbing of NWB and Spitty getting revenge for losing to Woders earlier in the season by beating him 3-0 at home. Spitty has now won twice this season but don't let that fool you into thinking he's running into any sort of form - BOTHh wins came against players that didn't post their predictions or forgot their usernames. (Just thought I'd throw that in!).

Kezz and Elsie were playing the two worst offenders for invalid or no entries this week. Elsie was playing LastWaltz and beating him 2-0. Mind you if he had remembered his user name he would have managed a 2-2 draw, and Kezz was playing Akinbiyi. Guess what, he never predicted so Kezz was given an easy 2-0 victory.

I know it's almost impossible to predict every week and forgetting to put in your user name does happen, I've done it myself, but in the cases of both Last Waltz and Akinbiyi it happens on a regular scale. Last season Last Waltz had nine invalid weeks and Aki had seven. So far this season they have both had two each. I dont think it's any coincidence that the players with the most invalid or no predictions against them, four each (Twelve points), in the first half of the season ended up winning their respective leagues.