Gills365 League Review: Division Two - Week 4

Last updated : 22 January 2007 By Guffie

We start this week's reviews by looking at the game between Gaz86 and Deano. Gaz was hoping to repeat his 4-2 victory over Deano earlier in the season but was now up against a totally different side. Deano has obviously spent wisely on the transfer market and was perched on top of the league and wanted very much to stay there. It was a thriller of a game but Deano proved just too strong for Gaz and came away with a 3-4 victory, keeping his 100% record intact. Is there anyone out there who can match this new look side?

Franky kept his unbeaten run going with an easy 3-0 victory over an absent Wilfred_h this week, keeping him in 2nd place and maintaining the pressure on Deano. I think Wilf was just returning the favour to Franky who never showed up when they met earlier in the season and allowed Wilf an easy 0-3 victory.

Wilf was one of three posters who missed there predictions this week but being only his second time all season I'm sure he can be forgiven. The other two who never posted were Last Waltz and Akinbiyi, or as I now call them, 'the usual suspects'. Last Waltz was at home to Birl, giving him an easy 0-4 victory, and Aki was at home to Spitty. Spitty slotted home two goals for an easy three points moving him up to third in the league. Mind you, I don't know what will happen when he actually has to play somebody. In his first game he lost 0-2 after forgetting his user name and then in his next three games his opponents never posted, giving him nine points he never had to work for. An inquiry is now in place over bribery allegations and threats of physical violence.

Cmc42 is now sitting in third from bottom spot, just above the 'usual suspects', after losing 2-0 away to Gills21st. This is the second week running where she has not been able to score any goals and really must be looking to get a couple of strikers in the transfer window. Gills21st now moves up into 4th spot just below Spitty.

The best result of the day goes to Jasper after his very exciting 6-4 victory over Fommt. This was Jasper's first victory of the season and after that scoreline must be looking forward to his next game. Fommt shouldn't feel too disappointed, scoring four against any of the other players today would have let him walk away with at least a point. He just needs to do some work with his defence. I suppose it doesn't help with people sniggering at him behind his back and little kids laughing and pointing at him shouting "that's the one who lost to JFC!".

JFC has now got more points in this league after just four games than he got in the entire odds division as he managed a 3-3 home draw with Frediculous_name, who was pretty close to becoming JFC's 2nd scalp of the season but was saved after a last minute equaliser which had more than a hint of offsde about it.

Welease Woderwick exacted his revenge over Elsie, who beat him 3-2 earlier in the season, by showing her why his home form is so impressive and winning 4-2. This was a good morale booster for woders as Elsie had been unbeaten in this league before the game.

Davefromkent set his own little record this week by posting his predictions for the second week running, and for the second week running managed a win but thats not something to be really proud of as it was only against NWBluesfan, someone who is not known for being very 'clever and insightful'. But the 4-2 scoreline was something to be proud of and DFK now shows us he means business and NWB shows us he needs to visit the transfer market.

The last game in this week's review was the one that gave me the most pleasure as the two teams that just missed out on promotion to Division 1 because of goal difference faced each other. Grumpy played host to Kezz. As stated in an earlier review, Kezz was talked into joining the league by Grumpy who said that if the worst came to the worst at least she would beat Guffie. This she never managed but never mind Kezz because now the worst has come to the worst at least you were able to beat Grumpy. Kezz managed to beat Grumpy (on his own turf) 3-4. As Kezz left the scene of this absolute humiliation of Grumpy she still had his words, 'Guffie is going to crucify me', ringing in her ears. I later asked Grumpy to comment on the result but I'm afraid the reply was unprintable. Maybe next time I shouldn't laugh so loud when I ask him.