McLeod wants Swansea stay

McLeod was placed on the transfer list for going out drinking before a game and claims he was injured and knows he was in the wrong but thought he had been targeted by his manager Kenny Jackett.

McLeod told the Western Mail, "I was out on Saturday night because I was injured. I shouldn't go out full stop, but I've had a lot of things on my mind. It feels like the gaffer is using me as an example. I think that's wrong."

McLeod is currently out injured with a hamstring injury making him unavailable for the game last Sunday against Walsall. Yet Swansea manager Kenny Jackett claims the reason for McLeod being placed on the transfer list is because of a build up of incidents.

Jackett said, "There's no particular thing Kevin has been transfer listed for - he's not been in any kind of trouble and he's not facing any kind of internal discipline. He's being placed on the transfer list for a build up of things over a period of time. Kevin has a lot of ability, but he hasn't shown enough application of late. His application to the job comes and goes. It is not consistent enough."

McLeod has netted 7 goals from 28 appearances this season and joined Swansea from QPR in February last year. He is just 25 and his current contract expires in June 2008.