Caretaker John has plenty to do

Last updated : 10 March 2005 By Simon Head
The Gills lost for the same reasons we've been losing most of our other matches - namely abysmal defending, coupled with an inability to provide quality service to our strikers. The fact that our goal was an own goal just demonstrates the problems we're having going forward right now. The problems in defence are rather more apparent.

The decision to move Nosworthy to left back to accommodate the inferior Southall (who certainly isn't a quality defender - in fact he isn't a defender, full stop) baffled me - and it also left us with both fullbacks playing out of position, which clearly hurt us.

In midfield, Nowland played the central role excellently, and I thought that by pairing Nowland with Spiller we had much more ability and mobility than when we've had Smith in the side. I didn't think we missed the skipper in midfield at all. Sadly Hessenthaler looked too slow and struggled to have any influence in the game. I think he should now hang up his boots and concentrate on coaching the side.

So, plenty for John Gorman and Hessenthaler to deal with in the weeks to come - and the games aren't getting any easier. Millwall, West Ham and Wolves should all comfortably deal with the Gills on current form - and unfortunately our next win still looks a long way off.